Our Business Units

IndoSterling Capital

IndoSterling Capital, as the capital market arm of IndoSterling Group, offers end-to-end services aimed at helping underserved mid-size corporates in the Indonesian market. Tapping our comprehensive experience and strong local networks, our clients benefit from our expert grasp of the complex Indonesian and wider Asia Pacific regulatory environment and business practices.

Our services range from advisory to strategic investment, all the way to IPO or other exits, as well as asset management, for which we are licensed and regulated under the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

IndoSterling Aset Manajemen

PT IndoSterling Aset Manajemen (IAM) was officially launched in November 2018 as an asset management company that is registered with OJK based on letter KEP-75/D.04/2018 dated 30 November 2018.

IAM presently offers Reksa Dana IndoSterling Ekuitas Likuid Plus mutual fund and Reksa Dana IndoSterling Pasar Uang mutual fund.
IndoSterling Aset Manajemen
Investasi Sambil Beramal


PT IndoSterling Citra Corpora, founded in 2016, offers professional Investor Relations (IR) services to help corporates effectively manage their relationships with investors, as a critical part of building up brand value and ensuring that all parties benefit.

This service, called iRadar, is comprised of top tier investor relations professionals, and has been engaged by various listed companies including State-Owned Enterprises and large corporates.

The team offers a full range of investor relations services such as investor targeting & marketing (sell side analyst engagement & institutional investors’ outreach), investor days (conferences & roadshows), assisting with the development of IR infrastructure (website, calendar) and provision of up-to-date market intelligence (weekly resource catalyst price index, shareholder analysis) and more.

Our goal is to create and implement an effective Investor Relations (IR) function which is a critical element in differentiating your company’s unique characteristics, strategies and financial performance that will play an important role in increasing brand awareness, reputation and in turn maximizing market capitalization among all audiences including media, investment community and shareholders.